••• Why KRONN? •••

A pricing plan that is unmatchable by the market.
A design that gets efficiency, reliability and serviceability come together.
A power that is greater than its weight class.

Hammer :
Pin-type design with universal dimensions allows customers to be flexible when it comes to fitments to variety of different machines;

Mini / Midi / Full Size Excavators
Backhoe loaders

Mounting Plate :
It provides a very strong presence in the connection part between the hammer and the machine with its thick built. Strengthen by the additional lines of steel, KRONN plates are one of a kind and toughest in the market.

Bracket :
Covering the majority of the hammers front end, this unique design of bracket both protects the hammer itself, as well as protecting the t-type connected hydraulic hoses.

Bits :
Having the option to select single or multiple bits from 4 different types ;

Chisel (H-Wedge & V-Wedge)

There are endless types of different applications that a KRONN Hammer can be used for and it’s proven over and over that a KRONN Hammer can get the job done properly within the desired time frame.

Potential job types include :

Curb construction
Rock breaking
Site & tunnel excavation
Reducing oversize material
Commercial demolition
Road construction
Concrete breaking
and so on…


As KRONN Customer Service teams are ready 24/7, we’re ready provide assistance to your tailor-made needs and wants. To be able to find the right product to your project, we usually need below information to find the solution;

Machine’s make, model and year
Material to be demolished
Thickness of the material
Maximum height to be demolished


KRONN Breakers Service Team always suggest for customers to keep the hammer greased and back-head chamber charged with N2 gas. These two are the most important points out of everything else when it comes to keeping a hydraulic hammer maintained properly.

Since greasing points are clearly showcased on the hydraulic hammer, you’ll be able to see where to grease and how regularly. Also, hammer charging instructions are clearly stated on the user manual that comes along with the hammer.

KRONN Parts that are in stock at all times;

Breaker Bits (Chisel, Moil, Conical, Blunt)
Nitrogen Charging Kits
Seal Kits
Grease Guns
Retainer Pins
Stop Pins
Hydraulic Hoses
Mounting Pins
Mounting Brackets
Tool Boxes
Through Bushings
Quick Couplers
Front Covers

We’ll be ready to help you about all the maintenance & parts related issues anytime you need information, supported by photos, videos and instructions that we’ve prepared with the experience we have on the field over the years.